Ajax Principles

Ajax is a new web application model, but Michael Mahemoff, an ajax expert, identified several key principles of good Ajax applications that are worth repeating:Minimal traffic: Ajax applications should send and receive as little information as possible to and from the server. In short, Ajax can minimize the amount of traffic between the client and the server. Making sure that your Ajax application doesn’t send and receive unnecessary information adds to its robustness.

No surprises: Ajax applications typically introduce different user interaction models than traditional web applications. As opposed to the web standard of click-and-wait, some Ajax applications use other user interface paradigms such as drag-and-drop or double-clicking. No matter what user interaction model you choose, be consistent so that the user knows what to do next.

Established conventions: Don’t waste time inventing new user interaction models that your users will be unfamiliar with. Borrow heavily from traditional web applications and desktop applications so there is a minimal learning curve.

No distractions: Avoid unnecessary and distracting page elements such as looping animations, and blinking page sections. Such gimmicks distract the user from what he or she is trying to accomplish.

Accessibility: Consider who your primary and secondary users will be and how they most likely will access your Ajax application. Don’t program yourself into a corner so that an unexpected new audience will be completely locked out. Will your users be using older browsers or special software? Make sure you know ahead of time and plan for it.

Avoid entire page downloads: All server communication after the initial page download should be managed by the Ajax engine. Don’t ruin the user experience by downloading small amounts of data in one place, but reloading the entire page in others.

User first: Design the Ajax application with the users in mind before anything else. Try to make the common use cases easy to accomplish and don’t be caught up with how you’re going to fit in advertising or cool effects.

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