AdWords C# Component That Adds to the Google AdWords API

GemBox Software has launched GemBox.Ppc, an AdWords C# component, which adds advanced features on top of the existing Google AdWords API.

“Automating Google AdWords and integrating AdWords data with enterprise systems is the new IT trend,” says GemBox. “Vendors want to automate PPC advertising for all products in their inventory or automate bidding based on product profits. Marketing agencies need to manage large AdWords campaigns for multiple clients. All of them want better GUIs to view, analyze and optimize huge amounts of AdWords data.”

Features include:

– Extremely simple download and upload methods.
– Lazy download mode gets data automatically when needed.
– Hierarchical, tree-like representation of AdWords objects.
– Flat representation of AdWords objects.
– Easy, dynamic filtering and sorting of AdWords objects.
– Full data binding support on objects and collections.
– Minimal API unit usage.
– Nullable properties.
– Uploadable objects.
– Disconnected data model (work on cached local data and upload when needed).
– Advanced synchronization of local and server data.
– Ability to resolve synchronization conflicts.
– Ability to undo local changes.
– Backup – load/save entire model to an XML file.
– API errors handling.
– API unit counting.
– XML SOAP logging.
– Smart (partial) copying of AdWords objects.
– Generic iteration over hierarchies and object properties.

GemBox Software says it has used the AdWords system for more than four years and during that period they have managed numerous AdWords campaigns. They develop components for Visual Studio .NET and custom .NET applications for Windows platform.

GemBox.Ppc Free is free of charge while GemBox.Ppc Professional is a commercial version (licensed per developer).

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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