Advanced Color Blending And Shading Techniques: Part 2 – Body and Dress

In part one I showed you how to create a highly detailf face and head structure. In this tutorial I will continue to sho you how to build and shade skin, and cloth. So we will continue from where we left off last time by creating the neck and upper torso of our girl. Use the template as you guide and make a selection of her upper torso. We will create the fore arm and hands a little later. Once you have your shape create a new layer and fill the selection with #f0dec4. Now add a 1px outer stroke in #ceb38b. This layer will go just above your “Hair back” group

Next we will create the pointer finger on the right hand using the same settings.

Now start a new group above the torso layer and call it “Dress”. Make a new layer within this group. Make a selection of the main section of the dress like below. Set the fill color to #e8a7a7 and add a 1px outer stroke in color #cf7878

Make a new layer just below the base dress layer and make a shape like below.

Set the layer fill to 0% and now we are going to add some blending options. First we are going to add a slight “Drop Shadow”. Set the shadow color to #e8a7a7 at 30% opacity, distance 2, and size 5. Next we are going to add a “Satin” in the same color and opacity. Set the angle to 19°, distance to 11, and size to 14. Finally set the satin contour to Cone. Lastly we need to add a 1px outer stroke in the same color.

Make a new layer above the dress base and add the dress tails to either side of the dress the same way you added the base dress.

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