July 21, 2017

Advanced Color Blending And Shading Techniques: Part 1 – Bubble and Base Shapes

Now make a shape like below using your pen tool. Again make a newlayer and fill it with #c15068. Blur this layer 3.0 radius.

CTRL+Click this layer. Selection > Modify >Contract and contract 3 px and hit OK. Make a new layer and fill the new selection with #892d41.

For these next steps use the colors and techniques we used on the back highlights. Makes a selection like below.

Then add the lighter section.

Then finally the white section.

Now we do the same for the section of hair that is sticking out.

Lastly we add the eyebrows. Use the pen tool and set the stroke to 2px and the color to #e0406d.

In part two I will show you how to create the rest of the body. Happy designing!