July 23, 2017

Advanced Color Blending And Shading Techniques: Part 1 – Bubble and Base Shapes

In this next section we are going to add the real definition to her hair. Set you foreground color to #e46b84. Next select your pen tool and make a selection like below. Make sure that this selection goes well outside the hair section. Make a new layer and fill your selection. then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the blur to 5.0 radius and hit OK. Finally CTRL+Click the base section for the back of her hair and remove every thing on the out side.

Follow the same steps on this section. Only set the fill color to #c15068.

Do the same here and set the fill color to #872c3f. Now select all the layers that make the back of the hair and group them. Call the group Hair back.

We are going to move away from the hair for a moment and add some subtle shadowing yo the face. Make a new layer under the base bangs and CTRL+ Click the bang layer. Then move the selection down and to the left 5px. Set your foreground color to #baa688. Fill the selection. Then add a shadow to the cheek and jaw line like below. Add a 2.0 radius Gaussian blur and remove the excess.

Set the layer to color burn and the fill to 40%.

Now grab your pen tool and make three lines on the cheeks just under the eyes. Then stroke the lines you created at 2px in color #fec9c9. Duplicate this layer and hide the copy. Go back to the first line layer and blur the layer with a 5.0 Gaussian blur.

Unhide the copied layer.

Now we are going to finish the back of the hair. So grab your pen tool and make a selection like below. Then fill the selection with #f3bebe. Blur the layer 3.0 Gaussian blur radius.

Using your pen tool and a lighter color of #f9dedf. Make a new layer. Then create a selection inside the highlighted area we just created. Also blur it 3.0.

CTRL+Click the llighter layer and go to Selection > Modify >Contract and contract 3 px and hit OK. Make a new layer. Fill the selection with white.