Adobe Preps Flex/Flash Evangelism Kit

Adobe is working on a Flex/Flash “Evangelism kit”. Kristen Schofield writes on the Official Flex Team Blog, “Something that we’ve heard from you guys is that you need help championing Flex and Flash Builder to your customers or even within your own organizations. I’m now working to put materials together that can help you in these endeavors. We’re looking to have things like proof points, presentation materials, and other assets that can help you evangelize Flex in whatever form may be best for you.”

Adobe is looking for feedback on things developers would like to see. They are already considering a product roadmap, examples of ROI and business justification, competitive comparisons, customer success stories, architecture slides and whitepapers.

“There is a lot of material we could provide, and we’ll likely not have it all ready at once, so this will be an ongoing process,” says Schofield. “But in the meantime, please send your ideas on what would be most helpful as we begin getting Flex 4 out the door.”

Developers can respond in the comments on that blog post
, or email Schofield at kwebb at adobe dot com.

By Chris Crum

Chris Crum is a staff writer and content coordinator for iEntry.

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