Adobe Announces Flash Access 2.0

Adobe have made some announcements at this week’s Streaming Media East Conference in New York and has some great coverage on that.

The two main topics are the announcement that Flash Access 2.0, Adobe’s new flavour of DRM for Flash video, is now available. Previously known as Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server, Flash Access 2.0 will enable publishers to encrypt content at source and deliver it securely to the end user. This is different to simply using RTMPE for encrypted streaming as not only the transmission will be encrypted but the actual content will be as well. Previously, with Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server, this technique was only supported in AIR, Adobe’s desktop runtime. But with Flash Player 10.1 it will also be supported in the browser based Player, and there are a bunch of new AS3 APIs to make this happen.

Secondly is HTTP streaming. This is also a new 10.1 feature and will allow transmission of video content over HTTP, with the difference that it is no longer a simple progressive download but will also support full seeking, live broadcasts and multi-bitrate switching. A real alternative to RTMP based streaming basically. What’s more, the HTTP streaming module for on-demand streaming over standard HTTP servers will likely be free, whilst the live module looks likely to be a paid product.

As mentioned, more details are to be had in Tim’s article on Flash Access and the Player roadmap as well as Troy’s piece on Flash Access and HTTP Streaming.


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By Stefan Richter

Stefan is a certified Flash Developer who has been involved with Flash Media Server since its very early days. From his home office in the UK he has handled a variety of projects, specializing in Flash Video and Rich Internet Applications for clients that include CNET, USA Network and Unilever. Stefan is the author of a series of Adobe Developer Center articles, has spoken at several industry events and contributes a regular column on Flash Video to Streaming Media Magazine. His site is one of the largest online resources on Flash Video.

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