AdMarvel Launches Ad Platform For Verizon Devs

AdMarvel has launched a mobile advertising platform for the Verizon Devloper Community.

AdMarvel provides software developer kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) to developers for Android and BlackBerry operating systems.

This platform also offers developers and publishers the unique capability to source and serve their own advertising, including house ads, to cross-promote and cross-sell their applications.

“We are very pleased to launch this solution for VDC developers and look forward to helping them monetize their new VCAST applications,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of AdMarvel.

“Our focus is on helping developers to easily incorporate advertising into their applications and provide them with sophisticated tools to help them analyze and optimize their bottom line. We are most excited about delivering an open and extensible platform which provides a scalable growth path as usage and volume expands.”

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By Mike Sachoff

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