Adding Rims and Gold

In this tutorial I will teach you how to add rims to your car and add gold to your new rims. Like this:

Adding Gold Spinner rims to a car

To start off you need to find your stocks. You need a car and a rim. These are the stocks I’m using.

Okay so now that we have our stocks we need to cut out our rim. So cut out the background.

Now drag it over to your actual car/tire/rim (so drag it over to whatever picture you want to add rims to). Now adjust it so it fits with you tire. Do what ever you have to make it look like it fits there, whether it’s distorting it, resizing it, whatever. Once you have that done you should have something like this:

Okay so know that we have our rims we should turn it gold. Take your Elliptical marquee tool and make a selection around the tire like so:

Then on a new layer fill it with FOE800.

Now set the layers blending mode on hue to give it a nice realistic gold look.

Now you can add animation to the rims spin if you’d like.

Congratulations! You have completed my tutorial. You now know how to Pimp your ride with gold rims.

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