Add Photo to a Taxi Cab

In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to place your own advertisement on a taxi cab. To start, you’ll need a good taxi image. Here’s the one I am using.


Click for full size image

The first step, although unnecessary, certainly spices up the image a bit and gives it a nice glow.

Duplicate your taxi layer by right-clicking and selecting Duplicate Layer. Double click the layer to bring up the Layer Style panel. Under Blending Options, please change the Blend Mode from Normal to Overlay and click okay.

Blend Mode

Now your image has a nice glow to it doesn’t it?

Now to add your photo or advertisement to the taxi. In this scenario, I’ll be using a stylized version of a personal photograph.


Place the image roughly over the taxi ad revolver. Grab your Polygonal Lasso Tool and carefully select a rectangle the same size as the taxi revolver.


Press “Ctrl-shift-I” to select the inverse selection and press delete. Now your image fits snuggly into the ad revolver.

Just about finished with this tutorial, hang in there! Double click the picture/ad layer to bring up the Layer Style panel and using the same method as before change the Blend Mode from Normal to Hard Light.

Final Image

And there you have it, a personalized advertisement on a big city taxi cab!

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