Add an Interesting Flare to an Image with Pixelate

This quick tutorial will show you how to use a few photoshop filters to create a cool pixelate effect on an image.

First open up an image in photoshop. I am using this one:

Fill a new layer above that with the color black.

Now go to filter>>render>>fibers on your photoshop menu

Just use the default settings that pop up and hit ok.

Next go to filter>>pixelate>>color halftone

Use these settings:

Now you should be left with something like this:

Now take the magic wand tool and click on the layer with all the dots

Make sure its tolerance is set at 10

Once you click on the layer hit shift+ctrl+i to invert the selection

Now you should have a selection around all of the dots.

Using the selection, click on the first layer of the grass or whatever you used as your image and use ctrl+c and then ctrl+v to paste the copied part back in the document.

Hide the other layers except for the new one you just pasted.

You should be left with this

To add a little extra zing to it, you can add a layer mask and use your gradient tool to fade it from left to right.

And that is all for this quick and easy tutorial! YAY!

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