Add An Illusion To Your Photo

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your picture look like different sections are weaved together.

Open whatever image you want to use. I just want a closer squared image so I am going to crop mine some.

Duplicate your background layer two times. You will want to name your new layers so you know which is which. I did one layer horizontal and one vertical.

Make sure you have photoshops foreground and background colors their default by simply pressing D. Hit alt+backspace to fill your background layer with black.

Turn off one of your layers by hitting the eyeball in the layers palette. This is just so it is easier to see the difference between the two layers when you are working.

Now go to View > Show > Grids.

Bring up your Grid preferences by going to Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grids, and Slices. Or just Control K.

Now pick how big you want your pieces to be and pick a color that you will be able to see pretty easily. Here is mine:

Now, take your marquee tool, and start selecting your rectangles. I did my vertical ones first. Hold the shift key to select more than one. The trick to making this look weaved is you want to select more rectangles than blank spaces. So, I selected 2 squares and leave one. Once you have done that, click the Layer Mask icon at the bottom of your layers palette. You can see in the picture below that the squares I didn’t select are now black.

Do the same to the horizontal stripes.

Turn off the grid.

Hit Control and click the thumbnail of vertical layer.

Now press Shift, Control, Alt and hit the horizontal layer.

Save your selection by going to select, save selection and hit ok. We will need this in a few minutes.

Your layers palette should look like this:

Now click on your layer you just made and go to blending options. These are the settings:

Right click your outer glow and go to copy layer style. Then right click on your second layer and just paste your layer style so you don’t have to do that part again.

And that’s it!

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