Accessorize Me: the iPad's Biggest Advantage

Put your BeDazzler away. Rhinestones will never always be in fashion, including when being used on your iPad’s cover. If I were in the business of making covers and cases for tablets and other mobile devices, I’d always make sure I’m the first to push out some wicked awesome rhinestone designs. However, there’s more to this story than just rhinestones. As the mobile application market expands, the need for accompanying accessories is equally expanding. How will accessories (beyond the rhinestones) play a part in maintaining Apple’s dominance in this market?

It’s not under debate that Apple has a stranglehold on the tablet market. However, turn the clock back but a few years and we’ll recall a similar story with the iPhone. The competition caught up, as the smartphone market saw a significant shift in 2010 with the Android platform overrunning the iPhone for new market share. How long until the iPad’s fate is the same? Early reviews for the Android tablets are optimistic, but also indicative of the long journey the competitive has to travel to catch up with the iPad.

One thing that differentiates the tablet market from the smartphone market is a much wider range of implementation. Tablets are realistically good options for point-of-sale and kiosk applications. With these additional areas of use come the need for additional accessories, like cash drawers, barcode scanners, mounts, locks, etc. As Apple’s dominance in the tablet industry continues, application developers will continue to focus their efforts on the platform that will reach the most people. Likewise, required accessories to run these specialized applications will have to be made for the iPad.

When the competition finally catches up, will they have the industry support needed to accessorize themselves and compete with Apple? The BeDazzler may simply not be enough.

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By Michael Marr

Michael Marr is a staff writer for WebProNews

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