Abstract Fire Effect

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a cool, abstract fire effect.
Abstract Fire Effect Result

Step 1

Start by creating a new document and filling the background with a darkish color. I used the size 400 x 400 pixels and filled the background with #262d4f.
Now create a new layer. Change your foreground color to a light yellow then do some brushing with a large, soft brush. Color used: #e7d409.
Yellow Brushing
Now create another new layer, this time do some brushing with a dull orange. Color used: #d27c09.
Orange Brushing
Lower the opacity for the orange brushing layer down to about 80%. Now on another new layer, do some brushing with a bright red color. I used #cd0920.
Bright Red Brushing
Lower the opacity for the bright red brushing layer to about 60%.
Lowered Opacity
Now merge all of the brushing layers together.

Step 2

After you’ve merged the brushing layerse together, Apply Filter > Distort > Wave with the default settings. You can click randomize a few times if you want to.
Distort Wave
Now duplicate the layer you just applied wave to, then press CTRL+F to repeat the lsat filter. Change the layer mode for the duplicated layer to Darken.
Darken Layer Mode

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