Tron 2.0

A new Tron movie’s coming up and word on the net says Olivia Wilde has been attached to the project. I’m not sure what at what capacity she’s going to appear in the film, but I figure she’s more than deserving of getting the Tron treatment. In this tutorial I’m going to share some layer styles and blending modes that allowed me to achieve this effect.

Remember this gal? Well let’s see what sort of upgrade we can give her.

We’re going to start with this image of Olivia. Well she’s got too many clothes on to accommodate the skintight nature of the Tron suit so we’re going to take the polygonal lasso tool and click around the contour of her body while deleting any extra material along the way.

After cutting and doing an Image>Adjustments>Desaturate, here is how her contour ended up like.

Right click the layer and duplicate it so that there are now 2. Double click the one on top and choose Color Overlay as the the Layer Style. If you choose black as the color, should now have a complete silhouette of the figure.

If you chop off the head of that layer it will reveal her face beneath. It should now look like she’s wearing a jet black body stocking. I chopped off the silhouette’s arms too because I liked the natural reflections coming off her gloves.

The next thing to do is to try to mimic the reflections on the gloves onto some other areas of her body. On a separate layer I just drew some selection shapes with the Lasso Tool. Lightly brush a greenish-blue with a large brush size but a low opacity. Apply it very lightly because this is a subtle effect.

Now onto some Tron stuff. On a new layer, you can use the Polygonal Lasso Tool and draw the shape of her crazy robot boots.

Using the of Lasso Tool you can draw some shapes to paint in some darker and lighter areas.

And at now the fun part! I’ve created this layer style so that no matter what shape you draw, it will have the Tron glow. Choose the light blue color #E8FAFE. You’ll be drawing in this color. I used the polylasso for this. Draw the trim along the top of her boot and then double click the layer you’re on. Choose the Inner Glow layer style, click the color box and use #30D2BA for a neon green-blue color, then use the following options:

On the same layer, add another style with an Outer Glow. The color I chose for this is a bright blue #91E3F8. If you notice in the following pic I changed the blend mode in the actual style. In this case, to Linear Light:

Here is what she looks like after creating all of the glow trim shapes.

Ok, I suppose that this next section could also be classified as the fun part. We’re going to create the window in her suit for her neck and torso. If you’re happy with your work up to now select all of the layers beneath the neon glows and press Ctrl+E to merge those layers. Since the current picture of Olivia obscures too much skin with various materials, it would be easier to find a different source photo and blend it in. Something tells me that you don’t need a tutorial about how to find a picture of a nude woman online.

Desaturate this picture as well and slide it between the neon trim and the flattened art. Use the trim as a frame to select the excess to delete with the polylasso. You can also adjust the Brightness/Contrast to better match the value range of the original photo.

Add another layer above the skin for the material. Select the layer where the skin is and with the Magic Wand Tool click outside the empty area. Ctrl+Shift+I with invert the select so that you’ll have a shape of the skin area. Go into your new layer and fill the area with a dark blue. At this point you can color in the gloves as well. Set the Fill to 50% and the Blending Mode to Overlay and she should be close to finished. As a final touch I went to the skin layer and brushed in some black to blend in areas and add some shadow that would be present.

She wouldn’t be authentic Tron style without some crazy neon lunacy going on in the background. I found some cool backgrounds care of the Tron 2.0 video game and popped that behind her. Every layer above the background I combined. Right-click/duplicate the flattened art because we’re going to apply a glow layer style to both.

Do this to the duplicate:

Last thing is to add 1 final layer to the top and fill it with this neon color: #A4EBE5. Set its blending mode to overlay and opacity to 85%. Here’s a look at the layers window.

Here’s the final result of our old-school girl’s make over.


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