5 Step Tutorial: Turn any Car into the General Lee

Example of tutorial

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to turn any car into the famed General Lee.

1.) Find a picture of a car.

2.) With the pen tool begin to select the outer boundaries of the car… image example below.

3.) Play around with the Color Balance, Hue & Saturation, and Brigtness & Contrast (which can be found under Image > Adjustments).

4.) Create a new layer for your text… I used the font “CityDBold”. Type “01”… which is the General Lee’s famous number. Then simply add a white stroke around the letters. (You can add the stroke by simply double clicking on your font layer to bring up the layer style window).

5.) Yell out Yee Haw… because your done.

By Jeremy Muncy

Jeremy Muncy is a staff writer for WebProNews.com

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