4 First impressions of OS X Lion (10.7)

I have installed the new version of the Apple OS on my MacBook Pro and here and some initial impressions.

1. Installation is very slick. It takes a while to download the OS (even on Broadband) but it installs without issue – just leave it in the corner. Running programs for the first time will perform an update (ie Mail) or warn as if it is running for the first time. When I ran my copy of IDEA a message popped up to say that I needed to install Java and a set of menus to follow installed this. The new programs like FaceTime are loaded by default onto the Menu bar at the bottom so that you can try them at your leisure.

2. It looks very pretty. There are some subtle changes to the appearance. I think it looks sharper – you will either love it or loathe it.

3. Lots of improvements. I sometimes struggle to see the new features in an update, but they are everywhere in Lion. All the built-in applications have been improved. Mail is much slicker and even Terminal has been upgraded – there is a nice new remote connections option. The desktop is improved with tools like LaunchPad and Mission control and there are some new special areas.

new menu options

4. Its a no-brainer. Apple clearly wants to move everyone onto Lion. It has an awful lot of new features (new apps, new functions, better UI, improved backup features, new fresh look) and it costs 20 quid. Upgrade today!

What do you think of the new OS X??

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By Mark Stephens

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