3D Panoramic Polaroid Wallpaper

I am going to show you a really cool way to take a picture, make it into multiple pictures, and then make it look 3D. I hope this shows you some techniques you may not have seen before.

First click on this picture and download the full size of it. This is a really big
picture so you could make any size wallpaper you like.

So I am going to start a new 1024X768 document

So open up that huge picture and drag it into your new document. Size it down until
it takes up most of your document but leaving an edge on the top, right, and left.

Next cut out the bottom half of your picture using your rectangle marquee tool because
it is the part that will look 3D. Here is the part I cut out:

Next, cut out the water on the left and right side of the part we just cut out. Cut the
water out from around the poles as well. I will use my pen tool for this.



Now you are starting to see the 3D feel of the image.

Now I am going to cut out the 3 parts of the top image that I will turn into poloroids.

I will use my rectangle marquee tool to cutout the 3 parts. To get them even I am going
to use the rulers and pull out guides on the canvas.

If you don’t know how to use guides and rulers check out this how to


Now cut and paste those 3 parts on your image.

The bototm part of the poles that are left need to be cut off so we can move them
with. So cut those off so we can re-position them with our images.

As you can see I moved the pictures apart

Now behind each image i am going to put a black box that leaves some edge around
the images.

Start a new layer and put a black box behind your first image on the left

Do the same for the other two.

Now add these blending options to the black box

Outer Glow

Color Overlay

Use the same settings on the other 2 black boxes.

Now they should look like 3 pictures.

Next I am going to grab my left picture, the box behind it, and the poles. Hit ctrl+t
on your keyboard to transform the layers together then right click on them and click

After clicking on that drag the bottom left corner down.

Do the same thing to the right picture except drag the bottom right corner.

That is starting to look pretty good I think.

From your dock picture at the beginning copy out a couple poles from the left and the
right of the image so we can place them outside of the pictures.

Now take your dock image we started with and fit it back in the picture behind all
of your other layers.

That is the basic concept of this tutorial. I am going to go through and add a little
shadow to the left and right pictures and some other final touches.

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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