2010 FIFA World Cup Poster Design

In this tutorial I will create a grungy poster inspired from the 2010 FIFA World Cup going on right now. In the poster design I will show you an easy technique to create an illusion of a wall with all of the teams flags hanging on it.

First download these resources for this tutorial

Resources File

Start a new document in photoshop at 560X760px.

Now open your resources and get the texture file.

Put it in a new layer in your new document. You can name it if you want, I will name mine texture.

Duplicate that layer by right clicking on it in your layers palette and choosing “duplicate layer”.

Use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u to make that layer black and white. I will also rename mine to be Texture b/w.

Now create a new layer above that by hitting shift+ctrl+n or click “new layer” from your layer palette menu.

Now add this gradient overlay to this layer.

Now I want to make this layer an editable image without its blending options.

So duplicate that layer, hide the previous just for backup. I will call it “Gradient”.

Ok create another new layer underneath the one we just duplicated, mine is called “Gradient copy”.

Now click on the gradient copy and in your layer palette drop down menu choose merge down or hit the keyboard shortcut ctrl+e…

That should make the image editable without blending options. I will call this layer “Grunge Color”.

Change this layer’s blending mode to “hard light”

Next I am going to erase parts of the grunge color layer by using some grunge brushes. I have many grunge brushes that I have downloaded over the years so I am not sure where I got a lot of them, but go to deviantart.com and search for “grunge brush” and you will find many results.


I will choose one of my grunge brushes as an eraser brush and start erasing parts of the grunge color layer.

I will do that so on and so forth until I have a result I like. Just experiment with different brushes.

Here is my result:

Next I am going to start creating the wall illusion I started talking about in the intro of this tutorial.

Its pretty simple really. Create a new layer and grab your rectangle shape tool.

Now create a black bar at the bottom around the same height as mine. I will name mine “wall”.

Now with that layer chosen use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+t to get the layer ready to transform.

After hitting ctrl+t go in your actual canvas and right click on the black bar and choose “skew”

Put your mouse over the right middle transform cursor and drag it up until it almost reaches the top right corner of the canvas.

Now add this gradient overlay to the black bar you just made.

Now that we are done with that lets start putting the text on the poster.

I am going to make my poster say, “THIRTY TWO TEAMS, THIRTY ONE LOSERS” just to take a different take on winning in sports in general. I thought it would be too predictable if I put thirty two teams, one winner. Sounds boring huh?

So get your text tool and choose a font that has a flat bottom for all letters, this will help with this effect. The font I am using is called 04b_19.

Click on the canvas with your text tool and write, “TEAMS” with white font.

I am using 125px size.

Now I want the letters to be spaced out more horizontally so I will enter 200px into my horizontal text spacing in my text window.

Do you see how this spaced out the text?

I want to rotate this text so that it is level with our wall to get the desired effect I am going for. Before that though, I am going to skew the text toward the left a bit before rotating it. So use the same skew method as before except grab the top middle transform selector and move your cursor to the left.

Now its time to rotate the text. Use the same ctrl+t shortcut to get the text ready to transform except just use your mouse cursor to spin the text around to be even with the wall direction.

After that I want a little black shadow underneath the text so duplicate your “teams” text layer and drag it below your other layer.

Change the font color to black for the shadow and move it so you can barely see it on the edges.

Now I want to put lines going down the wall coming from the bottom of each letter in the text. So create a new layer at the top and zoom in. Grab your rectangle shape tool and create a square block like this…

As you can tell this does not look like it is going down the wall because it needs to be angled at the bottom. There is an easy way to cut off the bottom. Hold down ctrl and click on the icon beside the “wall” layer. This will create a selection around the wall shape.

That should make a selection in the shape of the wall. Now use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u and this will invert the selection. Make sure you are in the layer where you made the white block and hit delete. This will delete away the excess.

Now I will do that same method with all the letters.

Now remember the shadow we made earlier, well we need to add that to the blocks of white we just made. So create a new layer and grab your pencil tool.

Hold down shift and draw the line down. Shift will allow you to make a straight line.

Do that with all the letters.

Next I will go through and change the opacity on all my white blocks to 50%

Now you can see the wall effect even more I hope

Now all the layers I used to create the white blocks coming down the wall, I am going to put into a group so I don’t have so many layers in my palette.

To do this click on your first block layer. The default name of my first block is “layer 1”. Click on the layer in your palette, hold down shift, then click on the top layer.

After you highlight them click on your layer palette drop down menu and choose “New Group from Layers”…

Then name it whatever you want. I will call mine “White blocks”.

Now you can freely move all of those layers as if they are one. I use groups in my design a lot because sometimes I have tons of layers and its hard to navigate through them if I don’t group them.

Ok, the most tedious and annoying part of this tutorial is next so you can do it if you want but I thought it added a nice element to the soccer themed tutorial.

So now I will show you how I added the flags. It is very simple, I basically opened each flag into photoshop and lined them up 4 rows of 8 and spaced them out the same. Then I made 4 groups to contain each set of flags. So I have Flag Group 1, 2, 3, 4.

You can see how I spaced mine out and put them all level so they are all even. Now all you have to do is move each group into a section of the wall, skew them to look like they are on the wall.

So zoom in, I am about 300%. Choose your first flag group. Use ctrl+t to transform the layers, right click and choose skew.

Now my flags look like they are on the wall.

After finishing that its time to add the rest of the text for this tutorial.

Since I showed you how to make the “TEAMS” text you can just duplicate that and use it for the other text since its already at the angle you need.

Change the font size to 65px, horizontal spacing to 60, and type “THIRTY TWO”

Use the same method as before to create the shadow underneath it.

Now duplicate both of your “thirty two” layers and move them down below the wall.

Change the font to say “THIRTY ONE”

Now duplicate the “TEAMS” text layer to use for the “LOSERS” part. Drag it down below the wall and the thirty one text and change it to say losers.

I had to change the font to 100px to fit in the bottom area.

The last text I am going to add will be in the bottom right corner and say “FINAL GAME JULY 7TH, 2010”. So just duplicate any of the text and put that in the bottom right.

That is all for the text, now on to making the text more grungy and adding the FIFA logo and soccer player image.

Before that here is what my poster looks like now…

To grunge up the letter a bit I will use another simple technique. Remember the technique you used earlier by holding down ctrl and clicking on the preview icon beside a layer?

Well this time hold down ctrl and click on the preview icon beside the words thirty two. That should create a selection around the letters.

Then click on your texture layer in your layer palette and copy and paste the selection from that layer. Drag it up above your “Thirty Two” layer and set it to hard light.

Once you do that you should have something similar to this

Now do the same thing to all of your other text, even the wall. Except on the wall drop the opacity down to around 25%.

Now its time to add the FIFA 2010 logo and soccer players.

So open up the FIFA logo and paste it in the canvas and size it down.

Use your skew tool again to fit it on the wall. Once you fit it on there set the blending mode to overlay.

Now I will use my grunge eraser brush to erase parts of it to make it look grungy like everything else.

Now I will do the same thing with the soccer players except put it on the other side.

One final touch I want to do is add more depth to the wall. So I will just create a new layer and take a soft large brush and make a black line across the bottom of the wall.

Now this tutorial is complete! Thanks for checking it out! Here is the final image:

By John Overbee

John Overbee is a graphic designer for the iEntry Network.

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