+17 Rated Apps Get More Problems To Handle

If you’re a developer of +17 rated apps, then you’ve been met with some hard times in trying to get them released. The hard times keep on coming, as yet another hurdle of +17 app developers.

When a developer creates an app they have the option to create ‘promo codes’ which they use to send to sites for review. Or they can give them away in a contest. This can sometimes lead to creating brand awareness and creating a buzz online.

App Store

Apple has decided to take this ability away from developers who’s apps are rated 17+. The reason is that when you use iTunes or the App store, promo codes don’t prompt a parental warning when completing the transaction.

You can see how developers would find fault in this process. I actually agree with them, as I’m left confused as to why Apple would take this approach. Why not instead beef up the parental controls of the App Store as it pertains to promo codes. What’s the positive outcome by taking away an option for developers that bring in business to the App Store?

Did Apple forget that their success banks on the developers abilities to sell their products? Or do you find this to just be a temporary solution to the promo code problem?

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